Virtual Folders

Shortcut Description Lowest Supported OS
shell:AddNewProgramsFolder Get Programs from Network Server Windows Vista
shell:AppUpdatesFolder Shows Installed Windows Updates Windows Vista
shell:CSCFolder Offline Files folder Windows XP
shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolder Programs and Features Control Panel Windows Vista
shell:ConflictFolder Sync Center Conflicts Windows Vista
shell:ConnectionsFolder Network Connections Windows Vista
shell:ControlPanelFolder Control Panel Windows Vista
shell:Games Games Explorer Windows Vista
shell:InternetFolder Starts Internet Explorer Windows XP
shell:MyComputerFolder Computer Folder Windows Vista
shell:NetworkPlacesFolder List of network devices Windows Vista
shell:PrintersFolder Printers and Faxes Windows XP
shell:RecycleBinFolder Recycle Bin Windows XP
shell:SearchHomeFolder Windows Search Windows Vista
shell:SyncCenterFolder Sync Center Windows Vista
shell:SyncResultsFolder Sync Center Results Windows Vista
shell:SyncSetupFolder Sync Center Setup Windows Vista
shell:UsersFilesFolder User Files Folder Windows Vista

Per-Machine Folders

Shortcut Description Lowest Supported OS
shell:Common Administrative Tools Control Panel\Administrative Tools (Machine Items) Windows XP
shell:Common AppData Machine Application Data Windows XP
shell:Common Desktop Machine Desktop Windows XP
shell:Common Documents Machine Documents Windows XP
shell:CommonDownloads Machine Downloads Windows Vista
shell:CommonMusic Machine Music Windows XP
shell:CommonPictures Machine Pictures Windows XP
shell:Common Programs Machine Start Menu Programs Windows XP
shell:Common Start Menu Machine Start Menu Windows XP
shell:Common Startup Machine Startup Windows XP
shell:Common Templates Machine Templates Windows XP
shell:CommonVideo Machine Video Windows XP
shell:Default Gadgets Windows Sidebar Default Gadgets Windows Vista
shell:Fonts Machine Fonts Windows XP
shell:LocalizedResourcesDir Localized Resources Folder in Windows Dir Windows XP
shell:OEM Links Shortcuts for computer manufactorers Windows XP
shell:ProgramFiles Program Files, On 64-bit OS stores 64-bit programs. Windows XP
shell:ProgramFilesX86 Program Files, Exists on 64-bit OS to store 32-bit programs. Windows XP
shell:ProgramFilesCommon Same as above only shared Program Files Windows XP
shell:ProgramFilesCommonX86 Same as above only shared Program Files. Windows XP
shell:Public Public Folder Windows Vista
shell:PublicGameTasks Public Game Tasks Folder Windows Vista
shell:ResourceDir Windows Resource Folder Windows XP
shell:System Windows System Folder, System32 for 32-bit installs Windows Vista
shell:SystemX86 Windows System Folder for 32-bit system files on a 64-bit system Windows Vista
shell:UserProfiles User Profiles Folder Windows Vista
shell:Windows Windows install Folder Windows XP

Per-User Folders

Shortcut Description Lowest Supported OS
shell:Administrative Tools Control Panel\Administrative Tools (User Items) Windows XP
shell:AppData Roaming Application Data Windows XP
shell:CD Burning Temp Location to store files before burning to disc Windows XP
shell:Cache Internet Explorer Cache. Windows XP
shell:Contacts Windows Contacts folder Windows Vista
shell:Cookies Internet Explorer Cookies Windows XP
shell:CredentialManager User Credentials Folder Windows Vista
shell:CryptoKeys User Crypto Keys Windows Vista
shell:Desktop User Desktop Windows XP
shell:Downloads User Downloads Windows Vista
shell:DpapiKeys User Dpapi Keys Windows Vista
shell:Favorites Internet Explorer Favorites Windows XP
shell:Gadgets User Windows Sidebar Gadgets Windows Vista
shell:GameTasks User Games Explorer Tasks Windows Vista
shell:History Internet Explorer History Windows XP
shell:Links User Links Windows Vista
shell:Local AppData User Local Application Data Windows XP
shell:LocalAppDataLow User Local Application Data Low Integrity Windows Vista
shell:My Music User Music Folder Windows XP
shell:My Pictures User Pictures Folder Windows XP
shell:My Video User Video Folder Windows XP
shell:NetHood User Network Places Folder Windows XP
shell:Original Images Storage of images before fixing with Windows Photo Gallery Windows Vista
shell:Personal User Documents Folder Windows XP
shell:PhotoAlbums User Pictures Photo Albums Folder Windows Vista
shell:Playlists User Music Playlists Folder Windows Vista
shell:PrintHood User Printer Shortcuts Windows XP
shell:Profile User Profile Folder Windows XP
shell:Programs User Start Menu Programs Windows XP
shell:Quick Launch User Quick Launch Folder Windows Vista
shell:Recent User Recent Documents Windows XP
shell:SampleMusic Sample Music Folder Windows Vista
shell:SamplePictures Sample Pictures Folder Windows Vista
shell:SamplePlaylists Sample Music Playlists Folder Windows Vista
shell:SampleVideos Sample Videos Folder Windows Vista
shell:SavedGames User Saved Games Folder Windows Vista
shell:Searches User Saved Searches Windows Vista
shell:SendTo User Send To Folder Windows XP
shell:Start Menu User Start Menu Folder Windows XP
shell:Startup User Startup Folder Windows XP
shell:SystemCertificates User Certificates Windows Vista
shell:Templates User Templates Folder Windows XP

Unopenable Folders

Shortcut Description Lowest Supported OS
shell:MAPIFolder Unknown Unknown
shell:TreePropertiesFolder Unknown Unknown